A-COLD-WALL* x Converse Geo Forma Unveils New Colorway

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Following their successful reinterpretation of Converse’s Chuck 70 Ox silhouette this summer, A-COLD-WALL* by Samuel Ross now introduces a fresh iteration of the Geo Forma boot.

In a continuation of their collaboration, A-COLD-WALL* and Converse joined forces late last year to unveil the Geo Forma boot in two captivating colorways, “Volt” and “Lily White,” both of which quickly sold out. Almost a year later, they’re back with a third color option in sleek black, set to make its debut this November.

The Geo Forma boot, crafted from a dark matte polyester-spandex-ripstop material that embraces its brutalist essence, is complemented by a range of apparel pieces. The collection encompasses quilted jackets, tracksuit bottoms, and caps, featuring sophisticated “Tannin” and “Onyx” hues.

This latest collaboration from A-COLD-WALL* and Converse will be available through A-COLD-WALL* on November 3rd and via Converse on November 7th.

Photos: A-COLD-WALL* / Converse

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