Acne Studios SS24 Mens Collection

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For the SS24 season, Acne Studios creative director, Jonny Johansson, drew inspiration from the concept of the “Grand Tour” undertaken by young people in the 17th century, where they would travel across Europe to experience important destinations and return home enriched. Johansson reminisces about his own journey to Venice, where he would carefully pack his most personal garments, blending them with new pieces and tourist memorabilia. This blending of the old and the new allows for experimentation with one’s identity and the freedom to embrace a more eccentric style.

The collection, centered around denim as a versatile travel essential, consists of 27 looks that embody the quirky and unconventional maximalism often associated with tourists. Layers upon layers, accessories upon accessories, and a refusal to shy away from bold colors, mismatched prints, and unique silhouettes reflect the influences gathered on that transformative journey. Rather than focusing on a specific silhouette or a defined graphic look, the emphasis lies on the art of layering. It’s about the accumulation of experiences and items acquired along the way, as described by Jonny Johansson.

The clash of colors within the collection creates unexpectedly vibrant combinations, drawing inspiration from the vividly painted houses found on the Venetian island of Burano. Dark blues, blacks, and browns coexist with striking hues like tomato orange, baby pink, and grass green, injecting energy and dynamism into the overall aesthetic.

Photos: Acne Studios / Jordan Hemingway

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