Albrecht/Wilke is a Super Interesting Duo Which Adds Satire and Humor to The German Middleclass

by Rubén Palma
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Albrecht/Wilke is an artist duo that lives and works in Berlin. They both graduated from the University of Fine Art in Hamburg in 2019. In their practice they focus on the examination of the German middle class milieu, the associated clichés and insignia of German national culture. They approach topics such as everyday life, pop culture, the internet and art history, with a humorous play on clichés and ironic comparisons.

This is a huge garden gnome they made together with Lutz Henke, which they sailed through Berlin. They started at a small garden village called “Neu Venedig“ and the original name was “Neu Kamerun“, named after a German colony in africa. Albrecht/Wilke sailed it to she heart of Berlin (Meuseums Island), where all the stolen treasures from that time are collected and exhibited. They wanted to build a room where they and other people could talk about this sad chapter of German history. On the boat they also curated a group show with other artists, which was called “Blue Horizons”.

For more information about Albrecht/Wilke, check out their Instagram and website.

Photos: Kevin McAlveney

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