APPLE Reveals new Emojis for IOS 14.5

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In addition to enabling Face ID even with masks, Apple’s iOS 14.5 users will have 217 new emojis.
The upcoming release features more symbols of gender and diversity.
Apple allows users to use emojis that show both women and men with beards. In addition, a more inclusive set of couples has been introduced, with various skin tone options available.

Regarding emoticons, three new designs have been added to the list: “Breathing Face“, “Face with Spiral Eyes” and “Face in the Clouds“. Fans of heart emojis will soon be able to use one that is a fire and another wrapped in bandages. Completing the emoji update are bloodless syringes to reflect the pandemic and ongoing vaccinations, as well as the headphone symbol that now looks more like the AirPods Max.

Photos: Apple

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