Astralis to Open 1200 Square Meter Gaming Paradise in the Heart of Copenhagen

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Danish e-sport organisation Astralis Nexus is about to open a 1200 square meter gaming facility, spread over two floors, in the heart on Copenhagen, where 200 m2 is an outside deck overlooking the Tivoli garden. It’s packed with 130 computers with Intel Core I7 processors and 24.5 inch monitors. 5.7 kilometers of power cables and 8.9 kilometers of data cables, a full AC system and MUCH more..

“Astralis Nexus will without comparison be the most modern and well-equipped center for gaming and entertainment we have seen in Denmark.

“Out of the 1,200 square meters, 800 are dedicated to gaming with 130 high-quality gaming stations, streaming hubs, VIP rooms, facilities for our pro team and an auditorium with room for 40 guests. In addition, 300 square meters offer showrooms for our own and our partners’ products plus a state-of-the-art merchandise store for the thousands of Danish and international Astralis fans who visit the capital every year. “

– Jakob Lund Kristensen, Co-founder of Astralis

The new Astralis Nexis gaming facility is set to open on June 19. For more information click HERE.

Photos: Astralis Nexus

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