Burberry Unveils its New Collection For The Lunar New Year 2024

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Just like Stone Island, Burberry is welcoming the Lunar New Year 2024, designated as the Year of the Dragon, Burberry has orchestrated a gathering of its envoys amid the bustling streets of Chengdu. The purpose is to unveil the forthcoming capsule collection from this iconic British fashion house. Tang Wei, Chen Kun, He Cong, Wang Wiangguo, and Alex Schlab elegantly model the attire featured in this innovative collection. Comprising timeless elements of British wardrobe essentials, the collection prominently highlights the vibrant hue of red. Red, symbolizing luck and prosperity, is a pervasive motif in the majority of the collection’s garments, manifesting in intricate details and captivating prints. The visual and auditory components of the promotional campaign have been skillfully crafted under the direction of Ryan McGinley.

Photos: Burberry / Ryan McGinley

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