Coca-Cola Presents its First NFT Collection

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Coca-Cola has unveiled its first auction of digital collections on the open-source Ethereum platform in celebration of International Friendship Day.

The first NFT is “The Friendship Box NFT” and is inspired by loot boxes from video games. Inside, it contains animated elements including a coat, a friendship card, a Coca-Cola sound visualizer, Coca-Cola Vintage Cooler and some more secret surprise that is revealed when the box is opened.

In addition, through the auction, Coca-Cola organizes a virtual party on a rooftop built in the virtual universe Decentraland with surprise invited musical artists. During the event, attendees will see the Friendship Box items for the first time and t-shirts will be raffled off.

The star of this action is the futuristic version of the brand’s classic cast uniform, which also includes a unique unlockable version that can be used in Decentraland as a skin. It should be said that it reminds us a lot of the Yeezy x GAP viral red coat that Kanye West wore in the “first presentation” of his new work Donda. Good timing.

The auction organized by OpenSea, is live now and will only be available one day, from July 29-30. For more information about the auction click HERE.

Photos: Coca-Cola

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