Drake’s New Watch Has a Real Roulette Wheel in the Bezel

by Rubén Palma
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Drake just unveiled his latest masterpiece of a watch, which he had specially designed at Jacob & Co. The watch itself goes by the name of Astronomia Casino and has four major details:

A double-axle Tourbillion, a magnesium-lacquered globe, a Roman numeral disk and a final disk with a 288-faceted 1-carat diamond.

All bundled inside a 28mm thick 18-carat rose-gold / sapphire-crystal case.

All the compartments are placed over a mini roulette wheel, which actually works with a ceramic ball! You can press a button at the 8th, where the roulette wheel sends the ball in rotation, so you can gamble anytime you want!

Price was around $610.000

Check out the images below!


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