EDJI Gallery Presents “Enigmas of Identity”, A Group Show Featuring Five Ultra-Contemporary Artists to Keep an Eye on

by Rubén Palma
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To celebrate the opening of its new permanent gallery space in Brussels, EDJI GALLERY is pleased to present ‘Enigmas of Identity‘, a group exhibition bringing together five ultra-contemporary artists who use painting as a lens to examine the ways in which identity is fabricated over time.

In this exhibition, participating artists Adam Baker, Killion Huang, Flor Marrapodi, Robert Martin & Holden Willard explore how the self is structured in relation to origins, culture and society at large. It presents an inquiry into childhood, the homeland, and the upbringing that foregrounds the depictions of people’s interior worlds.

Each assembles a vision of them today through an investigation of their past, but also portray the self in pieces—as fragments that may accumulate and amalgamate but never entirely cohere.

The featured paintings commemorate the artists’ most striking memories and how these forged who they are today. Many can be read as demonstrations of personal identity and highlight a shift in the way identity is made visible in art and more broadly in contemporary culture. 

Enigmas of Identity‘ will open its doors on the 5th of April in Brussels and is visible online on EDJI Gallery’s website and on Artsy.

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