Everything inside the 2020 Oscars Gift Bag

by Rubén Palma
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Insider has confirmed everything that is included in the 2020 Oscars gift bag, that totals a whopping $215,000 worth of goodies.

Some of the highlights includes:

  • An 18-karat gold necklace assembled by veterans with disabilities.
  • An anti-ageing concentrate.
  • A hat, wallet, and beach towel.
  • Jewellery by Cristina Ramella.
  • Handmade sunglasses.
  • A Royal Crown Chakra Bath Bomb, with 24-karat gold, naturally.
  • Bottles of both tequila and vodka.
  • A fancy dental tooth kit.
  • An alpaca throw that’s handmade by artisans in Peru.
  • A 24-karat gold vaping pen
  • An Italian bracelet.
  • A 5-day meal program complete with kale chips.
  • A selection of holiday vouchers, including one from Scenic Luxury Cruises that’s valued at over US$78,000.

Check out the full unboxing video below.

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