First Trailer For Gangs of London Starring Joe Cole

by Rubén Palma
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If you’re missing a new crime show to binge watch, you’re in luck! Sky just released the first trailer for Gangs of London which will come out later in 2020.

Here we have Peaky Blinders star Joe Cole in front, as well as director Gareth Evans, who has previously made the crime-martial arts films The Raid 1 and 2.

The show will be in 9 episodes and the plot takes its starting point in the aftermath of an assassination of Finn Wallace, who is the boss of a British criminal organization.

His death creates a vacuum in the underground in London, where the peace and quiet of everyday life is spoiled by the various gangs who now act without a leading head.

Sean Wallace (Joe Cole) must try to restore respect and order in the streets and find out who killed his father.

Check out the trailer below!

Pic via: Youtube

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