First Trailer For Rick & Morty Creators New Animation Series ‘Solar Opposites’

by Rubén Palma
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The Rick & Morty creators have the final part of the Rick & Morty adventure in Season 5 ready to launch in May. But in the meantime, they’ve also had time to create a new, crazy and fucked up animation series.

We got a little sneak peek at the concept earlier this year, but now the official trailer has landed.

The new animation-series is called Solar Opposites and is conceived by Justin Roiland – the concept itself has already been given the green light for 2 seasons of eight episodes.

The action focuses on a group of four aliens who, during their escape from a dying home planet, land directly in the heart of the United States. And yes – it gets fucking weird and fucking dope!

The series will premiere on Hulu in May – check out the official trailer below:

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