Kendrick Lamar’s Creative Agency pgLang Releases a Special Edition of the Light Phone II

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pgLang, the creative agency co-founded by rapper Kendrick Lamar and director Dave Free, has joined forces with the technology company Light to unveil a unique iteration of the Light Phone II.

This mobile device is intentionally streamlined for minimal usage, deliberately omitting features such as a web browser, social media apps, email access, and even a full-color interface. The objective is to offer a counterpoint to today’s overwhelmingly stimulating smartphones by presenting a phone that minimizes distractions.

The pgLang variant of this device is strictly limited to 250 units, and incorporates an exclusive utility. This tool empowers users to engage in voice-based interactions with the device, receiving responses on the display screen. The price tag for this particular Light Phone II model is set at $250.

Photos: PgLang

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