LimeWire is Now an NFT Marketplace

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If you ask any person that was kid or a teenager back in the early 2000’s, if they know about LimeWire, chances are they would say.. oh yes! Back then Limewire was one of THE go-to file sharing services, replacing other known companies, such as, Napster and Kazaa, but after loosing a 4 year battle against the music industry, LimeWire as we knew it came to an end. But now there’s good news for people that are into NFTs, since the LimeWire naming rights has been acquired by the two brothers, Julian and Paul Zehetmayr – who are turning the nostalgic brand into an NFT platform that will offer direct credit card payments without the need for crypto wallets.

The Zehetmayr brothers are no newbies in the tech space, since they are already the founders of Eversign, Stack Holdings and ZeroSSL.

It’s going to be interesting to follow the new path of LimeWire. Check out the new Marketplace HERE.

Photo: Limewire

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