LISTEN HERE: Lil Wayne Interviews Eminem on Young Money Show

by Rubén Palma
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The Young Money Show radio that Lil Wayne stars in on Apple Music has welcomed artists of all kinds, and the latest episode feature one of the most special yet, the living legend Eminem. We don’t always see artists of this caliber face to face, and that’s why it’s interesting to listen to their conversations when we get the chance chance.

The two rappers had a talk in which they touched on multiple topics such as their collaborations in the past, their mutual competition within the music scene and also their routines and projects during the quarantine.

Eminem commented that he had spent a few days of confinement writing and recording new songs, while Weezy said that he had devoted himself to listening to music to find new inspirations. This is how Wayne described it:

I try to listen to new music so I can find a sound and go to the studio to do something, but I still try to leave my classic procedure, it is just my natural inspiration.

– Lil Wayne

Both artists also talked about the difficulty of writing new lines when you’re a rap veteran, and they admitted using a similar method to do so. What is it about? Well, they search for their own lines on Google to verify that they write things that they have never said before; After so many years in the game, Eminem assures that coming up with new lines can be more of a challenge, so many years in the game.

When you’ve done so many songs on so many different topics, you have to find some tricks.

– Eminem

We leave you the full conversation below or, if you prefer, you can tune in to Young Money Radio HERE.

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