LOEWE Celebrates International Women’s Day

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Delving into the realms of artistic ingenuity, ceramic virtuoso Akiko Hirai, sculptor of wood Eleanor Lakelin, and the artistic talents of Luz Moreno and Simone Pheulpin find themselves integral to LOEWE’s groundbreaking #WOMENINCRAFT initiative. An unprecedented invitation beckons them to open the doors of their ateliers in the cultural hubs of London and Paris.

This rendezvous with creativity has been eternally preserved through the lens of two cinematic odysseys, unraveling the mysteries of their creative spaces and delving into the intricate techniques, inspirations, and practices that breathe life into their diverse creations. This homage marks a continuum of the paradigm initiated in 2023, a year that witnessed the inception of a social campaign by the fashion house. An earnest endeavor to unite artists and designers, it sought to illuminate the work of revered craftswomen.

A resounding global resonance emerged, birthing a chain of recognition that transcends borders. The cinematic exploration of these studios acts as a spirited sequel to this movement, epitomizing LOEWE’s commitment to Women In Craft. Beyond mere celebration, this initiative stands as a stalwart pillar, championing women artisans and fortifying the realm of craftsmanship. It aspires to forge palpable connections within the burgeoning tapestry of international LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize artists, binding them in a shared pursuit of creative excellence.

Photos: LOEWE

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