Lorpsum has Only Been Doing 3D Design for Under a Year

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Lorpsum, who’s real name is Valentin, is a French 20 year old graphic designer, who started designing in 3D, back in January of 2022, so it’s not even been a full year yet! He doesn’t consider himself as an artist but yet he’s trying to explore the boundaries between 3D and the real world. The more he practice making surrealistic images, the more inspired he gets. As Valentin himself puts it: “It’s what has inspired me the most in my life“. He got introduced graphic design by a friend who was already into it, and he told him that being a good 3D designer goes by caring about the world you live in, observing a lot, which he was doing at the time. Valentin hasn’t stopped since, and he doesn’t plan on it.

For more information about Valentin, check out his Instagram.

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