Massimo Osti Studio Unveils Chapter 02 in Collaboration With Limonta

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Forget everything you thought you knew about Jacquard. Chapter 02 throws tradition out the window, fusing artisanal magic with cutting-edge tech. This isn’t your grandma’s woven blanket – it’s a revolution on the loom. Imagine 3D effects woven directly into the fabric, pockets and details becoming one with the garment itself. Chapter 02 achieves this sorcery with a technique called “3D Weft.” Inspired by airbag manufacturing, it uses Jacquard looms to weave pockets and details right into the fabric, eliminating bulky seams and creating a seamless, functional look.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. These Jacquard looms are masters of complexity, crafting intricate patterns with robotic precision. And to top it all off, Chapter 02 is 100% on the sustainability train, using ECONYL® regenerated nylon for eco-conscious production. Here’s the beauty of it all: Chapter 02 garments are as functional as they are futuristic. Every pocket, inside and out, is meticulously woven in – a single yarn creating complete panels with strategically placed details. This not only minimizes seams but also emphasizes the stunning 3D effects, thanks to a special anti-drop dyeing process.

The collection itself is a curated selection – a work jacket, pants, and bag – all available in a sleek green or a sophisticated grey. Each piece is a testament to the perfect marriage of Massimo Osti Studio‘s aesthetic elegance and Limonta’s innovative construction. Chapter 02 isn’t fashion, it’s an experience woven into the fabric itself.

Chapter 02 is available exclusively on the Massimo Osti website.

Photos: Massimo Osti

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