New Balance Sues Golden Goose

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New Balance has initiated legal action against Golden Goose, asserting that the upscale fashion company imitated the distinctive look of its iconic 990 sneaker.

Back in 2000, Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo boldly established their own label in Venice and audaciously christened it after Aesop’s renowned fable, “The Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs.” Fast forward two decades, and the Golden Goose brand has indeed transformed into a symbol of well-worn silhouettes and premium pricing. However, the tables have turned as New Balance has now filed a lawsuit against them.

The legal claim contends that Golden Goose’s Dad-Star shoe deliberately endeavors to create a “perceived connection between its products and New Balance” within the minds of consumers. The brand seeks an injunction to halt the advertising and sale of the disputed shoe and to acquire all profits from previously sold Golden Goose Dad-Stars.

New Balance highlights the resemblances spanning its entire 990 series, spanning from the v1 to the v6, when compared to the Golden Goose Dad-Star model. Additionally, the similarity in the shades of grey employed in the 990 line further compounds the confusion for consumers. While the typical price point for New Balance 990 shoes hovers around €200, the Golden Goose Dad-Star shoes command a heftier cost of approximately €600.

The plaintiff also suggests that Golden Goose might have intentionally chosen the name “Dad-Star” for their trainer. This insinuation stems from the belief that the 990 silhouette has been playfully referred to as “Dad-Shoes” by trendsetting youths, possibly leading fans to conflate the Golden Goose model’s name with the established reputation of the 990.

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