Aimé Leon Dore FW23

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Once more, the brand of Teddy Santis has masterfully achieved the ideal equilibrium known as intelligent urban fashion, seamlessly blending sophisticated garments with the most laid-back elements to produce a truly distinctive outcome.

With a strong focus on timeless men’s attire and drawing inspiration from Ralph Lauren’s most polished ensembles, Aimé Leon Dore unveils a fresh collection of tailored pieces. This includes refined corduroy blazers, meticulously pleated suit trousers, elegantly relaxed jumpers, and creatively patterned ties.

Equally remarkable is the enduring trend of motorcore aesthetics, which gracefully persists in leather jackets and athletic-inspired coats. Meanwhile, trousers proudly display graphic overlays in the form of patches that lovingly pay homage to the vibrant spirit of New York City.

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