Norse Project x Ellesmere Island FW21

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Norse Projects has teamed up with the Tundra Ecology Laboratory of the University of British Columbia, to document its recent expedition to Alexandra Fjord, on the east coast of Ellesmere Island.

The Laboratory, commanded by Dr. Greg Henry, has been conducting a series of heating experiments and weather stations on the island for several years as the first stage of the International Tundra Experiment. For the last foray of the six-person to the island, Norse Projects took it upon themselves to equip them for the harsh climatic conditions of the fjord.

Extreme winds and sub-zero temperatures that required garments of maximum warmth and comfort, which Norse Projects achieved with the mixed use of traditional and technical fabrics, such as lambswool and Gore-Tex, Primaloft, or insulation thanks to the Otto Light interlayer. WR.

The collection is available now, on the Norse Projects website.

Photos: Sofie Agger / Norse Projects

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