PERG Gallery Presents Solo Exhibition With Adrian Kiss Titled “EVOLUTIONARY MOTIVE”

by Rubén Palma
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PERG, is pleased to present EVOLUTIONARY MOTIVE, Adrian Kiss ́ first solo exhibition with the gallery. The show features the artist ́s latest series of works, and for the first time, PERG Gallery, presents contemporary art in form of textile and material studies. As an in- stallation artist, materials and the hu- man body have always been the focus of Adrian Kiss‘ attention. Through his textile-based sculptures, large-scale installations and architectural spaces, he explores the complex nature of physical existence. The central theme of the exhibition is an exploration of industrial design and the human body in the form of textiles and quilts whose origins are natural or synthetic.

For the exhibition, PERG Gallery founder, Anky, has conducted an interview with Adrian, that you can read below.

Dunyha Active mini (powder)

Question 1:

Titles are an interesting part of my work, I’m finding it really hard to engage with them because it’s difficult for me to express myself through written words. Especially if they are very short and because of this I’m usually giving my works descriptive titles explaining the basic geometry or materials I’m using. But with my most recent textile pieces, the Dunyha series I’ve actually went back to my childhood. As a kid, staying at my grandparents place in the winter my grandmother use to cover me up with this very very heavy bedding, called dunyha. It’s usually made of wool and I remember as a kid it was difficult for me to move under it. Because the weight was holding me still. And this is a memory and an inspiration which I’m using for my most recent textile pieces. 

Hardstyle & Firka 2

Question 2: 

Most of my inspiration comes form the Internet, I use it to find visual inspiration that I usually integrate in my work. But the inspiration that is actually formulating my practice through which I can find my identity, it is from my surrounding, it is from my environment. A good example for this would be my university education at Central Saint Martins, where I was studying painting, (in the) fine art (department). CSM is a very good fashion school and many talented fashion students go there. I remember how heavily I was influenced by them. This was the time when I started actively using fabrics and textiles I my work, I started experimenting with leather. My work was inspired by hundreds of students without me noticing, formulating my practice day by day. 

Dunhya Firka 2 detail right corner

Question 3:

Mortality or even better, decay. I’m very much interested in the decay of an object, and also in how they become performative. How objects change through the passing of time, and how we understand them now and in the future. Because we, the observer changes as well. This change is what I’m trying to show in my work and in my practice. 

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