SAINt JHN and Kanye West Return With ‘Smack DVD’

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SAINt JHN and Kanye West just released a surprise collaboration called ‘Smack DVD‘, a song they have kept stashed in the safe for a while.

As JHN has said, the single was going to be part of his latest album ‘While The World Was Burning‘, but they left it off the project, to share it at the right time. And it seems that the time is now. But this is not the only song that SAINt JHN and Kanye West have worked on together, as ‘Pray 4 Me‘ is also a result of their collaboration, which almost ended with Ye being the executive producer of the album in question.

There is a very good connection between them, and that is reflected in the result of their songs. So let’s enjoy these songs from SAINt JHN and Kanye West, just in time for the weekend!

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