Seth Rogen Unveils His new Weed Company, “Houseplant”

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Seth Rogen is best known as an actor and writer, who is not now afraid to spark a joint and say what’s on his mind – he is a champion of free cannabis and many of his films show him in relation to cannabis or marijuana in one way or another.

And now he has gone a step further with his own marijuana brand called, Houseplant.

“Almost 10 years ago, I had a vision of owning my own marijuana store. And today I can reveal that my Housplant business and our hash will be available in California very soon!”.

– Seth Rogen

And you can even buy ashtrays, lamps and miscellaneous to make your smoking room cozy.

He has spent his time during the COVID epidemic, developing the brand. Earlier last year he said that he has smoked inhuman amounts of weed in boredom and made a lot of pottery.

“It’s honestly my life’s work, folks. Stay tuned for much more.”

– Seth Rogen

Check it out on HOUSEPLANT.COM

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