Slam Jam x Gaznevada “Going Underground”

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After commemorating its 30th anniversary in 2019 and opening the private collection of records and memorabilia belonging to its founder, Luca Benini, Slam Jam has chosen to honor select artists through an exclusive capsule collection. The criteria for this selection were straightforward: influential figures with a distinct sense of style, who have shaped Slam Jam’s worldview and embodied alternative lifestyles in their own unique ways. In 2021, homage was paid to the pro-Soviet Emilian punks CCCP-Fedeli alla linea, who famously advocated “Produce, consume, die.” Then, in 2022, it was the turn of Devo, hailing from Akron, Ohio, and their thought-provoking theory of “de-evolution.” Now, in 2023, Gaznevada takes the spotlight, known for their alternative anthem “Going Underground” from 1980, which urges individuals not to settle for surface-level existence and to defy predictable norms.

Gaznevada, masters of intuition and style, pioneered sonic paths that still resonate with freshness and relevance today, effortlessly becoming icons in their own right. Their appreciation for aesthetics is exemplified by the words of Ciro Pagano/Robert Squibb: “We emerged from the punk scene, but we possessed a comprehensive vision. The graphic design of our records and our stage attire held as much importance to us as the music itself. Our chosen name, Gaznevada, held a distinct visual significance. The inspiration behind it stemmed from Raymond Chandler’s story ‘Nevada Gas,’ with an ‘s,’ but visually, it didn’t quite capture the essence. By replacing the ‘s’ with a ‘z,’ it became perfect for us at the time.”

The Milan unveiling of the collection will take place at Spazio Maiocchi, today, May 25, accompanied by a public talk and DJ set featuring Gaznevada members Ciro Pagano and Marco Bongiovanni. The collection is available for purchase at Slam Jam stores now.

Photos: Slam Jam

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