Stine Goya Pre-Fall 23

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The latest offering from the Danish fashion house radiates with exuberant prints, striking silhouettes, and fiery red hues that dominate this collection, inviting wearers to embrace maximalism and express themselves without inhibitions through vibrant colors.

Stine Goya once again immerses the burgeoning Scandinavian fashion scene in a world of art, vibrancy, and prints, featuring fluid silhouettes that gracefully dance between unexpected patterns and elusive energies. The brand is dedicated to a value system that strives to create a more ethical, free, and diverse world. In this collection, their creations are inspired by the surrealist movement championed by Almodóvar, which is translated into sartorial form.

The ensemble of garments captures the emotional power of the fiery red color, evoking a determined and passionate spirit through an abundance of bold prints and textures. A mesmerizing swirling print, juxtaposing red and primary blue, adorns a cardigan, a miniskirt, and a fitted dress. This chromatic progression continues with crimson accents on one-shoulder tops, buttoned shirts with languid sleeves, and pants featuring convenient pockets.

Additionally, the collection presents a selection of pieces crafted from silver, wrinkled, and futuristic materials, as well as others adorned with snake prints that bring a subversive touch to the overall collection. Sensual bustier dresses add a hint of allure. The looks of the PF-23 collection are completed with accessories such as kitten heels and angular bags in eye-catching neon tones.

Photos: Stine Goya

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