Takashi Murakami Unveils Limited Edition Flower Cookies

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Takashi Murakami and Kaikai Kiki‘s pastry shop Tonari no Kaikado has unveiled a new cookie designs.

It was at the “My Neighbors Flower Hall” pastry shop that the first glimpses of this box called “Flower Parent and Child Hydrangea Cookie Can” appeared. The cookies are based on the image of the hydrangea. These center on mint cookies that mimic the giant sculpture “Flower Parent and Child” currently on display at Roppongi Hills. The cookies are made from white bean paste and will be available in a lemon, raspberry and purple potato flavor. The production of these boxes is limited to 100 copies at a price of € 140 each.

The “Flower Parent and Child Hydrangea Cookie Can” boxes will be available on June 4, on the Zingaro website.

Photos Kaikai Kiki

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