Vlada Ponomaryova is a 17 Year old Talented Painter

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Vlada Ponomaryova, is a 17 year old up-and-coming talented painter, based out of Russia. She is currently a 2nd year college student. Since childhood, she has been engaged in creativity and started drawing from around 3-4 years old. Since then she has been devoting her free time to drawing, and after a while she entered an art school, where she spent 4 years and graduated with honors. At the age of 14 Vlada began to master portraits and independently study anatomy and facial proportions. From the age of 16 Vlada started to paint with oil, which is currently her main working material, and where she feels most comfortable. In her free time she likes to play the guitar and sing. For future plans, Vlada plans on developing herself more and more in the artistic field and impress people.

For more information about Vlada, check out her Instagram.

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