A Closer Look at The ‘Labyrinth’ Designed to Promote Physical Distance by Studio Precht

by Rubén Palma
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The constant social changes, as well as the continuous migration towards urban areas, means that the architecture of the cities has to solve thousands of challenges every year. First were the tiny houses, applicable houses, modules and other alternatives that were intended to successfully solve the lack of space.


And now we require just the opposite. How will we keep that distance in the increasingly saturated cities? In Vienna they have already found what could be a solution.

In the face of the declared pandemic, the main cities quickly closed their green spaces, thus preventing the spread of infections, in the event of possible population exits.However, these areas are currently crucial for both our physical and mental health, so it is essential to find a suitable exit so that they can be reopened as soon as possible.

However, an empty lot in the Austrian capital has served to develop a “maze” that will make it possible to walk through it, and to do it alone but at the same time as other passers-by.

It has been baptized the “Distance Park” and has the signature of the design company Studio Precht. This new concept of plant maze guides visitors on a solitary walk along a path in parallel circular lanes separated by hedges.

There is something fundamental in the spirals. A path to the center. A path to your inner being. And since this path is about loneliness, I think it is an appropriate geometry for walking.

– Studio Precht

It has been established that only one person can enter each entering and each lane at a time, with a door at the entrance and exit of the lane that shows if it is busy, this way, each walk would last about 20 minutes.

Sometimes visitors are completely immersed in nature, other times they emerge above the hedge and can see through the garden. But at all times, they maintain a safe physical distance from each other .

– Studio Precht

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