ACNE Studios Pays Tribute to Magnus Carlsson

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Within the pages of ‘My Friend Magnus,’ Jonny Johansson pays a vibrant homage to this fashion luminary, presenting a curated collection of 200 of his most memorable ensembles.. The creative director of Acne Studios found profound inspiration and a guiding influence in Magnus, throughout his career, shaping the very essence of his creative vision. Magnus left an indelible mark not only in the fashion house’s showroom but also in the conceptualization of the canteen and library at Acne Studios’ Stockholm headquarters.

In a heartfelt tribute, the creative director has chosen to honor Magnus through the unveiling of ‘My Friend Magnus,’ a publication that celebrates his friend’s distinctive style by curating a collection of his finest ensembles. These images showcase a captivating interplay of vintage and contemporary Acne Studios pieces, accompanied by succinct yet comprehensive descriptions.

“Over the years, his vibrant personality, his taste in books and the references he found have fed my inspiration and helped me in my work,” (…) “I hope this book will give more people an insight into the style that Magnus effortlessly radiates in the lives of those who know him personally. It is not a book to sit on a shelf; its purpose is to inspire and encourage others to push the boundaries of personal expression beyond trends, time and genre,” 

– Jonny Johansson

Photos: Acne Studios

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