Airbrush Gawdess Mab

by Rubén Palma
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Born in New Haven, CT, Mab, is a multidisciplinary painter with a focus on airbrushing. Her artistic journey expands into the realm of intricate crochet craftsmanship and the gentle embrace of pastels. Through this fusion of techniques, Mab navigates a captivating and diverse artistic odyssey, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of creativity. Her creations speak of passion, versatility, and an unwavering dedication to the ever-evolving narrative of her artistic identity.

Hi Mab! Thank you for sitting down with me. First question that I always ask. How does a regular day look like for you in Houston?

 I don’t live in Houston, but I bet it’s nice and hot there. In Connecticut it’s not like that, it’s pretty cold. But Spring is approaching and I’m very excited to enjoy the nice weather and the lakes around where I live.

Growing up, What kind of kid were you, what did you enjoy doing and how did you spend your time?

As a child, I was often described as very dramatic. I enjoyed hosting my own talent shows, singing Alicia Keys songs w my play keyboard and mic hookup, and getting creative by using my mom’s sarong as my evening gown. My parents would also get me different art supplies to experiment with. I think them introducing me to various mediums molded me into the multidisciplinary artist I am today.

Alright, so can you walk me through the evolution of your airbrushing? Like, when did you get started, to your current skill level, etc…

Since I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed doodling. In high school I was introduced to oils, I love how it seamlessly blends, however I lacked the patience oil painting required and began to explore working with acrylics which kept my mind more stimulated. My work started off on canvas but then I began to explore painting on shoes and clothing. My need for durability pushed me to try out the airbrush machine my dad randomly brought me. I avoided the intimidating machine for about two years before I gave it a shot. That first stroke was history, now I cant put it down and want to airbrush everything!

While we’re on the subject. What is it about the airbrush that makes you prefer it over a regular paint brush?

When I airbrush I feel like I have laser eyes and I am putting what I imagine onto the canvas without actually coming in contact with it. I feel that with an airbrush I have more control than with a paint brush.

So how did you get introduced to body painting? And what is it about it that makes it your preferred way of expressing yourself?

Last year was the start of my body painting series. With any medium I experience I always test the limits of how much I can really do with it. I began airbrushing clothing for people but wondered, “What if I airbrush clothing on people?”

When did you start taking being an artist serious?

I started taking art serious when I realized how lost I am without it in my life. It really is what fuels me.

Ok, so besides body painting, you also paint on canvases, and you’re a professional makeup artist. Tell me about those fields. How did you get introduced to them?

Yes so I do professional fx body makeup and I also painted on canvas and clothing, thus far. But I plan on exploring all surfaces. I go introduced by my eagerness to test the possibilities of airbrushing.

Can you walk me through your creative process, from beginning to end result?

With anything I choose to use as my canvas, prepping is key. I then sketch most of my work on procreate before I start, then I do all my color mixing. Before I paint I must set up my environment and make sure I have my background sounds and show that I already watched playing so I can stay immersed in my piece.

Can you also tell me about your use of symbolism?

Its important that all of my work symbolizes sexiness, woman rights, and just being unapologetic

How do you deal with creative blocks?

Creative blocks? I call those my Super Saiyan moments. Where I become bigger and better. On those off times I do research and plan for my next masterpiece.

You’ve worked with renowned artists such as: Sexyy Redd, JT, and the Clermont Twins. How did that come about? And how do you deal with the pressure of having to deliver?”

Working with the top girlies was epic. It was dope that they loved my creations and wanted to be my muse. These collaborations often come about through networking, referrals, or previous work that has caught their attention. When it comes to handling the pressure of delivering, I rely on thorough preparation, clear communication, and trust in my artistic abilities. Additionally, maintaining a positive mindset and staying adaptable are crucial for managing any unexpected challenges that may arise during the creative process. But nevertheless the experiences were amazing!

Can you describe your studio practice for me? And are there any necessities you have to have with you or present in the studio?

I have 4 things that I need when painting

  1. A movie playing background noise
  2. Music playing for the vibe
  3. Gum for concentration
  4. Great ventilation

What are you working on now? And do you have any projects coming up in the future?

Right now I’m working on a airbrush book, where I explore the possibilities of airbrushing and showcasing the medium on different subjects. In the future I will have more showings.

With that in mind, what are you excited about right now?

Im most excited about my studio I am renovating. With the help of YouTube university, I now know how to build build things from scratch

How do you approach color?

Color is my form of communication in my work. When painting skins which is my favorite to do, I include all of the colors and not just the brown, white, and black that we all see at first glance. It is important for me to show the beautiful hues that are reflected off of our skin when light and shadows are involved.

What motivates you?

I’m the final character in my art journey, so my motivation is being the best than I was before. 

How would you describe a perfect day?

A perfect day consist of me in the nude on a deserted island, laying on the beach while eating mangos sprinkled with Tajin. Just doing nothing while money being deposited into my account.

Alright Mab. I always ask these two questions at the end of an interview. The first is. What’s your favorite movie(s) and why?

My favorite movies primarily for aesthetic is Preaching to the Perverted and Nowhere. My favorite movies for the story is Society of the Snow and Waves.

The second is. What song(s) are you currently listening to the most right now?

Ive been obsessed with Kelela’s RAVE:N The Remixes album featuring my favs. Also pretty much anything Skrilla and Baby Osama

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