Hélas Pays Tribute to Morocco in New Collection

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Embarking on an unconventional journey, a segment of the Hélas skate team ventured into the heart of Morocco, delving into the burgeoning skateboarding scene of the nation. The tapestry of culture, vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and the distinctive lifestyle of the locals became the primary wellspring of inspiration for their avant-garde Spring 2024 collection.

Innovative expressions unfold in the form of cross-stitch embroidery adorning hooded sweatshirts, while elements reminiscent of Moroccan carpets gracefully intertwine with knit pieces. Diverse patterns and motifs, invoking the essence of the sea, the vast desert landscapes, and a myriad of cultural symbols, seize the spotlight in this groundbreaking collection. It marks a harmonious convergence, blending the ethos of skateboarding culture with the rich tapestry of Moroccan heritage.

This fusion extends beyond mere aesthetics, encapsulating a profound narrative that weaves together two seemingly disparate worlds. Local skateboard luminaries like Otman Talà, Badreddine Lababsi, and Ayoub Hraim become integral contributors, seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the collection’s campaign. In this uncharted territory, Hélas not only captures the spirit of skateboarding but also becomes a storyteller, intertwining threads of diverse cultures and forging a narrative that unfolds on the vibrant canvas of Morocco’s skateboarding renaissance.

The new Hélas collection is available now, on the Hélas website.

Photos: Hélas

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