Amine x New Balance 610S “Mini Moon” Will Only Release 503 Pairs

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Aminé’s journey in 2023 has been marked by significant milestones. Collaborating with the acclaimed producer KAYTRAMINÉ on the successful album ‘KAYTRAMINADA‘ was just the beginning. He ventured into the world of footwear, creating the distinctive 610 ‘The Moon’ silhouette in collaboration with New Balance. Now, the artist reunites with the sports brand for an exclusive release.

Introducing a slip-on version of the aforementioned model, this exclusive drop comes in three vibrant colors: green, yellow, and brown. Each hue symbolizes a stage in the life cycle of a banana, a recurring motif for Aminé, representing the Club Banana logo prominently featured on the shoe’s top center, insole, and the accompanying special box.

The release unfolds in three phases. The first drop, featuring 100 pairs of the green colorway, takes place on November 10, in Portland at Kee’s Loaded Kitchen. The second drop follows on November 12, in New York City, presenting 100 yellow units available at Morgenstern’s Bananas. The final 303 brown units will be released on the Club Banana website on November 15, completing this exclusive and limited edition.

Photos: New Balance

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