Burberry x Highgrove Unveils New Scarf Collection Inspired by King Charles’ Gardens

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In anticipation of the winter season, Burberry has introduced a captivating collaboration with Highgrove, seamlessly blending art, fashion, and the regal history of England. This fresh assortment showcases exquisite organic silk scarves boasting meticulously hand-rolled edges, capturing the essence of the splendid gardens at the private residence of His Majesty Charles III.

Named after the four seasons, these scarves offer an artistic interpretation of the lush surroundings enveloping Highgrove House. British artist Sammi Lynch, a recent graduate of the esteemed Royal Drawing School, lends her creative brilliance to these designs. Lynch, celebrated for her prowess in painting and printmaking, translates her firsthand experiences of the landscape into each scarf, skillfully conveying space, texture, and light. Beyond being impeccable winter accessories, these pieces stand as true works of art.

The selection of Lynch as the collaborator not only underscores her exceptional talent but also her unwavering dedication to the arts. With a notable history of artist residencies at Dumfries House in Scotland, the King’s Foundation, and in Italy, Lynch solidifies her status as an emerging artist with a distinctive perspective.

This scarf collection, paying homage to the allure of Highgrove, mirrors Burberry’s dedication to preserving craftsmanship and art. As a Royal Warrant holder, the fashion house aligns itself with the robust commitment of the King’s Foundation, the custodian of Highgrove Gardens, in supporting the arts and passing on cultural legacies to future generations.

The exclusive collection will be found in handpicked Burberry and Highgrove stores, granting fashion aficionados and royalty admirers access to these unparalleled pieces. Additionally, the collection will be available online, offering a global audience the chance to explore and acquire these masterful creations from anywhere in the world.

Photos: Burberry / Highgrove / Sammi Lynch

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