Catherine Mulligan and Her Interesting Paintings

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Catherine Mulligan is a 35 year old interesting painter, based out of Brooklyn, NY. She is the recipient of two Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grants, and earned her BFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (2009) and University of Pennsylvania (2010) and holds an MFA from Indiana University, Bloomington (2019).

Paul McCarthy is one of her favorite artists, and she finds inspiration in the old masters, such as: Grunewald, Titian, De Ribera and Bosch. Mulligan’s paintings depict monstrous female forms, using images appropriated and distorted from the world of stock photos, fast fashion and pornography. Catherines paintings has been exhibited in various parts of the world, such as: Kunst im Tunnel (Dusseldorf), Hans Gallery (Chicago), Envy6011 (New Zealand), Downs & Ross (NYC), M+B (LA) and Queer Thoughts (NYC), along with participating in the Bonner Kunstverein Jahresgaben in 2021.

For more information about Catherine, check out her Instagram and website.

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