Yazid Lemrabet is Part of The New Generation of Culturally Relevant Artists Coming Out of France

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Yazid Lemrabet, aka Yaz is a 25 year old talented up-and-coming artist, based out of France. These last couple of years Yazid has made a name for himself via. socialmedia, specifically Youtube and instagram, where he showcases his paintings of culturally relevant figures and scenes, which resonate perfectly with the youth of today. His art jouney is very diverse and messy. From drawing superheros as kid to doing fully realistic ballpoint pen portrait youtube videos, to doing street art, to a little bit of 3D, and a little bit of pastels. For the moment he focuses mainly on painting, for which he uses mixed mediums: ink, pastels and spray paint but mostly acrylics. Yazid gets his inspiration from different fields that stretch from fashion to music to sculpting to other painters, with Instagram being a good source for that… Kanye West, Frank miller and Stanislaw Szulaski, to name a few, inspires him and help develop his style which is always a work in progress.

For more information about Yazid, check out his Instagram and YouTube channel.

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