Elon Musk Wants to Transmit us Music Through a Brain Chip

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Elon Musk wants to ad a micro chip that allows users to stream music directly to their brains. The chip, or “brain-computer interface,” is part of Musk’s startup Neuralink, which was founded in 2016, but has so far remained out of the public eye.

This Elysium-style device will allow people to “listen to music directly from our chips”, like the ears, but more expensive. He added that Neuralink “could help control hormone levels and use them for our benefit.”

Musk said Neuralink was working on a device “similar to a sewing machine” that would provide a direct connection between a computer and a chip inserted into the brain. The process, which he compared to Lasik laser eye surgery, will involve a neurosurgical robot that fits flexible “threads” into the brain connected to a small implantable computer chip.

Musk has promised to tell us more very soon! Stay tuned to Overstandard.

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