GANT Unveils New Flagship Store in Stockholm Designed by Snarkitecture

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Today, American clothing brand, GANT, unveiled its newly renovated flagship store in Stockholm.

Teaming up with New York based design studio, Snarkitecture, who are known for crafting unforgettable spaces and immersive encounters, this 6,000-square-foot establishment is nestled in the heart of Stockholm’s Östermalm business district. The store seamlessly merges vintage and contemporary elements, serving as a homage to the brand’s illustrious heritage.

Spanning three floors, the store has been thoughtfully crafted to encompass various areas that pay tribute to GANT’s history. These spaces feature open-plan living and lounge areas, exuding a sense of home and coziness with soft lighting and inviting rugs. Furthermore, the store incorporates elements inspired by collegiate environments, such as a library and changing rooms adorned with deep, opulent wood finishes.

The new flagship store concept is also home to one of GANT’s two new studios, the other being situated at 240 Mulberry Street in New York. GANT Studio Stockholm serves as a versatile space that functions as a creative hub, hosting curated exhibitions, panel discussions, and captivating branding activities that bring together talent and the local community.

Photos: Mikael Olsson

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