Kendrick Lamar Launches pgLang: an At Service Company

by Rubén Palma
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TDE rapper Kendrick Lamar and music video producer Dave Free just announced the launch of their newest endevour, a mysterious new project called pgLang.

pgLang is multilingual. Our community speaks music, film, television, art, books, and podcasts — because sometimes we have to use different languages to get the point of our stories across. Stories that speak to many nations, many races, and many ages. That is why our writers, singers, directors, musicians, and producers break formats when we build ideas and make them real for the curious.

Putting round pegs through square holes is not a process, but we embrace the idea f anarchy and challenges that make us stronger. pgLang is focused on using our experiences, and nurturing our many collaborators, to build stories that are equally accessible and engaging then fitting them within the best media.

We are creators

– pgLang

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