Lego Fiat 500 Vintage

by Rubén Palma
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LEGO is expanding their lineup of “adult” toys, with a new classic car. This time it’s a Fiat 500F from the 1960’s. And there’s a number of authentic details included in the package.

The car has an outside luggage rack with suitcase, fabric roof, access to the engine and luggage compartment, spare wheels and an easel with a “painting” of the Coliseum, to complete the Italian charm. In fact, the whole sets look is built around the original promotional material for the model.

The completed model is 24 inches long and 11 inches high and wide.

The kit is sold in selected stores and on LEGO’s webshop from 1 March 2020. Model number 10271. The price is about $100. Check it out.

Image via. Lego

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