Moncler FW23 “For the Love of Winter”

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Moncler has unveiled its latest Fall-Winter 2023 collection campaign, aptly titled “Winter’s Embrace.” Spearheading this creative endeavor is the dynamic New York-based pair, Gus&Lo, comprising the artistic talents of Gustavo López and Lorena Parra.

In this seasonal offering, Moncler explores the art of layering, showcasing a diverse and daring spectrum of colors to keep the essence of warmth at the forefront. Among the standout pieces, you’ll find the Parana jacket, the timeless Karakorum, and the Gaia Pocket High boots.

The Moncler FW23 collection, is available now, on the Moncler website, or one of their brick-and-mortar stores.

Photos: Moncler

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