Noah x Lavenham FW23

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Noah and Lavenham are rekindling their creative partnership, returning with fresh energy following their successful collaboration earlier this year for the spring-summer season. Lavenham, an establishment with roots tracing back to 1969, holds a distinctive reputation as the pioneer behind the first quilted nylon blanket designed for equine use. Today, they continue to craft some of the world’s most exquisite quilted products.

The essence of Lavenham’s quilted jackets has remained remarkably consistent since their inception. Pieces like the fishtail parka and the field jacket, originally tailored with the needs of soldiers and farmers in mind, have seen the gradual shift from their utilitarian origins toward a focus on aesthetics as industrialization advanced. These items have since taken on a new identity, becoming symbolic uniforms embraced by global subcultures. In an era before the rise of boutiques and specialty stores, people would source their military-inspired jackets and rugged attire from conventional retail establishments.

The Noah x Lavenham collection is slated for release on October 12, exclusively on the Noah website.

Photos: Noah / Lavenham

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