Norse Projects Present Sommerhus Editorial

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The Danish brand Norse Projects, have always stayed to its Danish roots, and this newest Sommerhus (Summerhouse) presentation is no different. As they themselves say: “Reflecting the longstanding Danish tradition that has existed since the 19th century where Danes would move to the vast coastal areas during the summer months, so to escape hectic city life with family and friends. Be it by the edge of a lake among the trees, or nestled in the soft white dunes of the danish coastline, the archetypal summerhouse or in Danish – Sommerhus represents far more than just a holiday home. It embodies the unique Danish way of life, its culture and values.”

The campaign faithfully reflects this tradition, as we see the models enjoying their own exclusive Sommerhus, while wearing garments from Norse Projects’ SS22 collection, which you can find on their website.

For more information about Norse Projects Sommerhus Editorial, check out their website.

Photos: Norse Projects

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