Pop Smoke Documentary on The Way

by Rubén Palma
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The late Pop Smoke will star in a new documentary that will review his life and career, which unfortunately ended in tragedy for the young American. The documentary has been confirmed by his manager, Steven Victor.

In an interview with Complex, Steven talked about new music in previously mentioned posthumous album.

I’m working a lot on the Pop Smoke album. And I’m also working on a documentary of his. For him and for his foundation. What I’m very focused on right now is his empire and getting this label to become the new Interscope.

– Steven Victor

Smoke himself had spoken to Complex in February, two weeks before his fatal death.

I’m going to make a documentary or a movie. I’m going to do it on me. About where I lived, about where I used to be and why they look at me the way they do. I’m going to show you why they don’t like me. I’m going to show you what you don’t like. All this music that I’m recording, do you really not want me to take it out, that people listen to it?

Pop Smoke

We are waiting for a release date for the documentary that will serve as a tribute to Pop Smoke. We will keep you updates. In the mean time stay tuned to Overstandard for more updates.


Photos: Instagram

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