Salomon and Bone Soda Unveil a Renewed Edition of The XT-6 Expanse LTR

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Salomon and Bone Soda reunite for a renewed collaboration, introducing the XT-6 Expanse LTR silhouette. This footwear encapsulates the essence of dynamic movement, perpetual activity, and liberated living. The sneaker meticulously harmonizes form and utility, boasting an ergonomic design and a tastefully understated palette. Drawing inspiration from spider webs, the shapes intricately woven into the design elevate the notion of community. Campaign visuals are masterfully crafted by Dafy Hagai.

The Bone Soda x Salomon XT-6 Expanse LTR, will be released later this month, on the Salomon website and handpicked retail stores.

Photos: Salomon / Bone Soda

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