Stüssy x Martine Rose

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After having presented their collaboration with Gang Starr and Our Legacy, Californian label Stüssy is set to drop an exciting collaboration with renowned English designer Martine Rose. Known for her streetwear flair in the world of ready-to-wear fashion, Rose has previously collaborated with Nike on iconic designs such as the Shox MR4 and Monarch IV.

Having previously worked with Stüssy on the “World Tour” collection in 2020, Rose now brings her creative touch to a new project that revolves around an automotive theme, inspired by the “Year 2K” era. The capsule collection features sleek hoodies with striking graphics on the front and back, as well as other unique t-shirt designs. In addition, the collaboration also includes automotive accessories such as car mats, a steering wheel cover, and a sun visor.

Fans of Stüssy and Martine Rose can look forward to the highly anticipated collaboration, which is available now, on the Stüssy website. Get ready to embrace the fusion of streetwear and automotive aesthetics in this exciting collaboration.

Photos: Stüssy / Martine Rose / Rosie Marks

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