Cigarette Racing Team X VÉHICULE

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After having teamed up with Italian watch manufacturer, UNIMATIC, and presented their Miami Vice Satin Bomber Jacket and hoodie, along with an Ultra Luxury Coffee – luxury brand and avant garde transportation Magazine, VÉHICULE, has teamed up with fellow Miami matriarch, in the form of Cigarette Racing.

The two offshore powerboat ledgers has united to showcase the $2.4 million, 3300hp boat, “The Cigarette 515”, the only boat that matters.

A brief summary of Cigarette Racing:

In 1969, David Aronow, aka. Don Aronow, pioneered the first cigarette boat, which he dubbed “Cary” as a code name, due to his non-compete clause at the time that prevented him from officially building boats. Aronow’s groundbreaking design, named “The Cigarette”, quickly gained worldwide recognition as he took it on a triumphant journey, winning multiple championships including two World Championships and three consecutive United States Championships.

After his non-compete clause expired, Aronow established his own company dedicated to designing and manufacturing cigarette boats. In 1970, he also founded the Cigarette Racing Team, further solidifying his influence and expertise in the industry.

Stay tuned for more exclusive drops coming soon, on the VÉHICULE website.

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