Théo Viardin is Part of The New Generation of Talented Artists Coming Out of France

by Rubén Palma
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Théo Viardin (b. 1992) is a French artist currently living and working in Paris. Through his paintings, Théo Viardin is building a speculative imagery representing surreal humanoid figures in intimate and melancholic scenes. Installed in bare backgrounds and twilight atmospheres, the sculptural compositions and the colossal shapes of the bodies contrast with the fragility of the faces and the eyes. Drawing his inspiration from the writings of authors of anticipation such as Alain Damasio or Ursula K. Le Guin, convinced that our society needs a new narrative imagination to project itself into a more desirable future, Théo Viardin represents a distant humanity, deprived of the most humanistic of functions, namely language and narrative, that has no alternative except to gather in order to care and protect. Through these figures, Théo Viardin explores our relation to otherness and alterity, exploring the idea of posthumanism, shaping and humanity embracing its full spectrum.

For more information about Théo, check out his Instagram.

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