TOP 10: The Most Played Danish Artists on the Radio in 2020

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Gramex has released a list of the most played Danish artists on the radio, as well as the biggest Danish radio hits of 2020. Gramex is a non-profit member organization in the music industry, approved by the Danish Ministry for Cultural Affairs, for administration of the financial rights of performing artists and record companies.

Most played Danish main artist in 2020

1. Christopher
2. Lukas Graham
3. Mads Langer
4. Drew Sycamore
5. Lord Siva
6. Clara
7. Nicklas Sahl
8. Phlake
9. Calby
10. Medina

Biggest Danish radio hits in 2020

1. “Ghost” by Christopher
2. “Burnout” by Calby
3. “Leap Of Faith” by Christopher
4. “Baby Steps” by Phlake feat. Mercedes the Virus
5. “Solhverv” by Lord Siva
6. “Nudes” by Jada
7. “Lie” by Lukas Graham
8. “Nobody’s Lover” by Clara feat. Lord Siva
9. “Take It Back” by Drew Sycamore
10. “Four Walls” by Nicklas Sahl

The list below features the most played musicians on radio of 2020. This list feature producers, musicians, songwriters etc..

The most played musicians on radio in 2020

1. Fridolin Nordsø
2. Frederik Nordsø
3. Morten Ristorp
4. Drew Sycamore
5. Lukas Forchhammer
6. Christopher
7. Lasse Baunkilde
8. Jacob Andersen
9. Rune Harder Olesen
10. Mads Langer

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