UMBRO x Slam Jam “Penalty Culture”

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Last Spring / Summer season, Slam Jam and Umbro Italia initiated a collaborative journey to redefine the lifestyle narrative of a brand deeply rooted in Manchester since its establishment in 1924. This creative partnership exemplifies a fusion of research and practical execution, an artistic endeavor that has been hand in hand with Slam Jam. The result is a collection that stands out not only for its cultural significance but also for its contemporary design and tailored aesthetics.

The “Penalty Culture” collection emerges as the quintessential uniform for a narrative of friendship, seamlessly transitioning from the city streets to the soccer pitch. The essence of this collaboration is rooted in Slam Jam’s unique approach, acting as a bridge between subculture and emerging trends. The “Penalty Culture” theme harmoniously merges the fervor for soccer and street culture, crafting a collection of apparel and accessories tailored for an authentic and contemporary audience.

From tracksuits and hoodies to scarves and the iconic harrington jacket, each piece embodies the evolution of urban culture and soccer throughout the years. It pays homage to the timeless British elements that have shaped both past and present urban tribes.

The partnership between Slam Jam and Umbro Italia extends beyond a mere cultural statement; it is a living testament to the friendship between these two brands and their respective realms. This convergence of the soccer and street culture worlds finds a home in the heart of the city and on the soccer field.

The Umbro Italia and Slam Jam collection will be available at select retailers, including Slam Jam, Sneakers76, and LuisaViaRoma. This offers fashion aficionados a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in this exceptional fusion of styles.

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